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Ella Maj-Lis Haavisto


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28.3.2002 in Kotka, Finland

Helsinki, Finland


Smash-Tennis, Helsinki


two handed backhand

Wilson Clash 100, 295g

grip size 2

257 (high 257, 16.3.2020)

Piia Suomalainen

Joni Honkaniemi

Dreams don't work unless you do

Iha finaalis, JVG

Friends, family and all kinds of sports



I was born in 2002 in Kotka, Finland, from where I move to Helsinki for two years, before settling down in Tampere in 2016. Inspired by my big brother I started playing tennis at the age of four - tennis seemed a lot of fun and I wanted to join the group. I have always done lots of of sports, including gymnastics, basketball, and track & field but tennis always felt most compelling and I loved to hang around the tennis center. I love tennis because it requires lots of different skills and I to compete and travel.


My goal is to play a successful career as a tennis professional. Tennis is one of the most competitive sports and only the best players make it to the top. I believe I can reach my dream through daily hard working and commitment to a well-structured long-term plan. My life is organised in a way that enables  me to practice with high quality and compete internationally.


My last junior year kicked off well and I reached the final in the ITF J4 tournament in Denmark. I was also part of Finland's Fed Cup team, who was one match away from qualifying to Europe / Africa I group. Mid march corona virus stopped the whole world and all the tournaments I had planned to go, where cancelled. During the three months tournament break I focused on developing my physics, which has taken a big leap forward. Finaly we are able to compete in national competitions, which I am really happy about!


Year 2018 was interesting and eventful. I reached the final in two junior ITF's and gained valuable experience in women's professional tournaments in  Tampere and Savitaipale. The most remarkable event of the year, and very important regarding the future, was my move to Good to Great academy in Stockholm. I started there in September and overall progress has been encouraging. Facilities, coaches, and other players are top quality!


I started this year rehabilitating my shoulder, that had a small tear at the end of last year. Now I am fully fit and can't wait to start competiting again! This year I look forward to continue developing as a player on all areas. I will mostly play junior ITF's, and my goal is to reach the main draw in junior Grand Slams. I will also play the women's professional tournaments in Finland, national tennis league and adults Finnish Championships.

Have a great tennis year and see you on the court! Ella =)


2020   Womens Finnish Championship silver medal

2020   U21 Finnish Championship silver medal

2019   Interschool Finnish Championship winner

2019   Womens Finnish Championship bronze medal

2017   Womens Finnish Championship bronze medal

2017   U21 Finnish Championship gold medal

2017   U16 Finnish Championship gold medal 

            singles and doubles


2020   ITF J4, Tanska, runner-up

2019   ITF J4, Espanja, runner-up

2018   ITF G4, Lativa, runner-up

2018   ITF G4, Latvia, runner-up

2018   ITF G4, Norway, runner-up

2018   SALK Open, runner-up

"Dreams don't work unless you do."


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Tennis is one of the most competitive sports. Reaching the top requires many years of committed hard work.

To enable best possible conditions for training and competition, the player needs adequate financial resources and a good team.

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© 2018 Ella Haavisto         Photos: Jan-Erik Olin         

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